Staying Warm in 2014

It’s cold. And even now that the Polar Vortex is (slowly) shifting and the end is near, it’s still cold! And probably will remain cold (just hopefully not until April again this year)! We can’t really complain though, we have a roof over our heads (with a furnace that is pumping strong), and are stocked […]

It’s about time!

It finally is feels like “Spring has Sprung” here in Wisconsin- (where we live and Kaveli kits and mixes are hand-packaged)- and there is no better way to celebrate then sitting in some sunshine and eating some of these delicious mangos from India!  With this we are excited to announce that we will hopefully be […]


Wow!  I still can’t believe 2013 is here (and yes, I am still writing 2012 when I write the date)!  We’ve got lots of exciting things planned and look forward to putting some more events on the calender, but here’s an update of what we’ve got going on so far: 1). Check out page 120 […]

Kaveli on The Dieline

Kaveli on The Dieline We feel so cool, and just plain honored that our packaging was featured on The Dieline (the most visited website on package design in the world)! We knew we loved our packaging, but love that others are appreciating it too (and the wholesome ingredients inside it)! Many thanks go to, Bolster, […]